Communication through the written word is a key feature of Phyllida’s work. She published her first articles in the 1980s, won the Cosmopolitan New Journalist award in 1983 and went on to work as a journalist and sub editor for Rhinegold Publishing (Arts Management Quarterly, Arts Management Weekly, Museums Journal, Music Teacher and Classical Music). She was editor of the Puppet Centre’s journal, Animations, for four years and of Northern Rock Foundation’s newspaper, Rock Reports, for ten years. She has written and/or edited newspaper and magazine articles, chapters in anthologies, annual reports and multi-year reviews, summaries of others’ research and reports and publications of her own. An Artist's War. The Art and Letters of Morris & Alice Meredith Williams was published by the History Press in May 2017 and Undaunted Spirit. The art and craft of Gertrude Alice Meredith Williams in 2018.